Floral Photoshoot | Phippsburg, Maine

Yesterday, on Tuesday…my friend Hank asked me if I wanted to tag along to a photoshoot on the Maine seacoast.

Since I was free, I decided to go….I am glad that I went!!!

The shoot was basically for Ione Floral Design in Brunswick, Maine

Facebook page : HERE 

So, if you are getting married in Maine, and need flowers for your bridal party…this is the place to go 🙂

I met some wonderful, beautiful and fun women, and had a great time photographing them.

The weather was perfect.. Foggy and cool 🙂

Since I could not decide on which photo i liked the best….here are my 30 favorite ones

{ Photos are uploaded in LOW RESOLUTION for easier viewing }

izzi 001izzi 002izzi 003izzi 004izzi 005izzi 006izzi 007izzi 008izzi 009izzi 010izzi 011izzi 012izzi 013izzi 014izzi 015izzi 016izzi 017izzi 018izzi 019izzi 020izzi 021izzi 022izzi 023izzi 024izzi 025izzi 026izzi 027izzi 028izzi 029izzi 030

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