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Artsinfotos Photography | Wedding photography from Key West to the coast of Maine |

Hello, and welcome to my blog

This is an extension of my website : www.artsinfotos.com

My name is Christophe and I am a professional wedding photographer. I spend my time photographing weddings anywhere between Key West and New England.

I have been photographing weddings for quite a few years now.

I have also been published in several wedding magazines and blog ( such as ” Vermont Bride magazine”, “Maine Real weddings magazine” , ” WellWed Maine”, “WeddingWire” and more…)

I mostly ( with of course, some exceptions) photograph wedding in New England from June to November, and in the Southern states ( FL, GA, SC ) from November to June

I document weddings through photography.

My style is a mix between photojournalism and Traditional…

For the “getting ready of the Bride”, the ceremony and the reception, I will not intervene, and will go “with the flow”

I will document the day as it unfolds.

However, for the formal portraits , I will pose people in order to get the best results as possible.

I will use natural light as well as artificial light, depending on the time of the day and the background ( nothing more frustrating that “blowing out” a beautiful background because you are using natural light…. )

Unfortunately ( or fortunately) I do NOT accept Pinterest list of wedding shots .

Indeed…I am NOT a fan of dinosaurs or any other “things” appearing in the photos.

and you don’t want to re-create someone else wedding that you saw online….

But, of course, I will photograph some of your “ideas” during the wedding ( ie : if you are looking for a special or funny pose with people in your party )

However, if you will be wearing something special or have special items  , please let me know

All of my past couples have given me the freedom to photograph their weddings as it fits my style……Therefore, if you happen to get a” Bridezilla” or like to be in control of the photography, I recommend that you find someone who would fit your needs best 😉

Also, I would like to say that I will not photograph while people are eating….for a couple of reasons:

1- Food dropping out of someone’s mouth is not really pretty

2-Most people like to not be disturb when they eat

This is my job and I LOVE it.


Also, as for meals at the weddings : YES, I do eat…. 🙂 😉

email me at artsinfotos@gmail.com

The reason that I don’t have my phone # in here, is because of all the spam phonecalls that I receive every single day!!!…so, yep, email me first ( or send me a message thru Instagram if you want : @artsinfotos )

or use the wedding inquiry contact form from this blog

Thank you 🙂



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