Ingrid & Chris | Tallahassee engagement session | Memorial Day

Ingrid & Chris | Tallahassee engagement session | Memorial Day

On this beautiful Memorial Day in Florida, I had the pleasure to photograph Ingrid and Chris engagement session in Tallahassee…..

Ingrid and Chris are getting married in the Winter….

For the engagement session, we first went to the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

followed by a few photos at the Florida State Capital, and ended our morning at FSU since this is where the couple went to school.

It was a hot day, as when we were done the temperature has already reached 91 degrees!!!

Here are a few photos from the engagement session in Tallahassee, Florida.

Tallahassee engagement 002Tallahassee engagement 005Tallahassee engagement 008Tallahassee engagement 011Tallahassee engagement 015Tallahassee engagement 023Tallahassee engagement 037Tallahassee engagement 041Tallahassee engagement 048Tallahassee engagement 055Tallahassee engagement 060Tallahassee engagement 067Tallahassee engagement 073Tallahassee engagement 078Tallahassee engagement 088Tallahassee engagement 091Tallahassee engagement 096Tallahassee engagement 100Tallahassee engagement 108Tallahassee engagement 109Tallahassee engagement 111Tallahassee engagement 115Tallahassee engagement 116Tallahassee engagement 118Tallahassee engagement 120Tallahassee engagement 127Tallahassee engagement 130

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